20th – 31st JULY 2017

A Participatory learning of the nuptial dowry & bride price system of the Swazis

$8700…11 Days Journey through South Africa & Swaziland

THE traditional custom of lobola, also known as “bride-price” or “bride-worth”, may sometimes be misunderstood by western eyes but in African culture, it is a ritual that helps to bring two families closer together, writes Octayvia Nance.

Lobola negotiation is an age-old tradition where a man pays the family of his fiance for her hand in marriage.

Archdeacon and priest of St Stephen’s church in New Brighton Zwelidumile Tom – a judge at The Herald Bride and Groom last week – said the primary purpose of lobola was to build relations between the respective families as marriage was more than a union between two individuals.

“The custom is aimed at bringing the two families together, developing mutual respect, and showing that a woman’s future husband is capable of financially supporting his wife,” Tom said.

Find out, discover, learn, meet real people, attend real lobola events from 20th – 31st July 2017. You will also get to do some light charity work, do some little research work in furtherance of this knowledge and earn a bit of extra.

Welcome to Swaziland and South Africa. join the travel team.

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