Ti-Elente Travelogue Application Form 1 (01A)


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Consistent with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) requirements regarding legislation & regulations, quality assurance, professionalism, business development and other factors that constitute compliant tourism, Lubbison & Donarickon PTY LTD based in Pretoria South Africa is formidably in partnership with EZULWINI TRAVEL & TOURS , Swaziland, a statutorily registered Travel & Tourism Outfit duly licensed for this nature of operation.   Thank you for your application as a TI-èlèntè LEARNING TRAVELER. A TI-èlèntè LEARNING TRAVELER as defined by Lubbison & Donarickon, is an individual or group of individuals embarking upon a a tour related travel. Additional touring activities as spelt out by the main organizers of this program (Lubbison & Donarickon PTY LTD), hereby operating as TI-èlèntè Travelogue is covered in the second application form. EZULWINI TRAVEL & TOURS  handles the touring procedural aspects whilst Lubbison & Donarickon handles the actual core activities throughout the duration. Our part is to ensure that all travel & tourism regulations and conventions are duly adhered to and tourists indeed have a wonderful experience. Hence we are fully responsible for travel arrangements, bookings, and other related issues.